What Parents Are Saying About Des Peres Montessori

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Des Peres Montessori: Friendship

Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence. - Maria Montessori

Parents and former students share their impressions of Des Peres Montessori in the video and testimonials below. If you would like more information about enrollment in Des Peres Montessori please contact us here.

Ellie A. (Student 1985-1995)

I am the person I am today because of my Montessori experience and my upbringing at Des Peres Montessori. Des Peres Montessori, under Mrs. Choudhuri’s leadership, not only allowed — but encouraged — my growth into a well-rounded person who cares about my world, and lives with curiosity, creativity, confidence and enthusiasm.

I have found that among my peers, it is unique to have been educated in the Montessori method for an entire decade — in my case, from 1985-1995. Des Peres Montessori prepared me to look at life through the relationships I step in and out of every day, and how enthusiasm and respect play a large role in a successful life and career.

Self motivation, leadership, creativity and relationship management necessary in the unique Montessori classroom became ingrained into my persona, and I’ve seen these traits help me succeed in every step of my life.

TDC (parent)

My eleven year old twins entered the elementary school level at Des Peres Montessori this past fall and my wife and I were worried about how they would get along in this smaller school setting. Transitioning to a new school is often a traumatic experience and we had hoped to minimize any difficulties.

Last week my daughter shared with us, without prompting, that she had learned more in the last two months than she did during the entire last year. I believe the majority of credit for her unexpected sense of accomplishment is due to the boundless passion and dedication of Mrs. Choudhuri, the head of the school and elementary directress. I’m continually amazed at how she lights up when discussing the Montessori method of education. Her depth of experience and expertise has reaffirmed our belief in Montessori education.

Rumjhum (parent)

Our son joined Des Peres Montessori (full day) when he turned 2-year old. He is 4-year old now and is growing into a happy and responsible kid. All the teachers and assistants are caring and loving. The school is independent of the Church and true to Montessori education practices. One particular thing about Des Peres Montessori is that they really contribute in overall personality development. They have awesome music, spanish teachers and make sure to expose kids to a variety of experiences including science projects, gardening, crafts etc.

This wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Coach (or ‘Coachie’ as he is called), he brings sparkle in their eyes just by walking in the room. Everyone at school is surprisingly in sync with the School’s handling of the kids – patiently answering all questions and fielding everything all the kids throw at them.

Jamie (parent)

From the second you meet the Head of School, you will understand why Des Peres Montessori (DPM) is such a special place. I would not hesitate to recommend DPM to any parent of a 2-12 year old looking for the best in education and care.

George (parent)

My wife and I have had our children in this school since preschool. Our son has now graduated and our daughter will be in the 6th grade. After more than a decade, here’s what we have come to know about DPM:

Des Peres Montessori is a place of inspiration. Montessori gets kids excited about their place in the universe. As their young minds develop, Montessori helps them make connections. They start simply, by chopping vegetables, but soon they are classifying the entire animal kingdom and drawing maps of the world—freehand, mind you. They’re learning the tiniest parts of an atom while exploring the vast expanse of the universe. Des Peres Montessori educates parents, too. Because we are small school, the parents have a unique opportunity to participate in many of the activities. I’ve been on field expeditions, camping trips, and participated in Native American and French colonial site studies.

Des Peres Montessori is a family. It starts with a culture of respect and mutual support, where the older ones help teach the younger ones. The small classes mean teachers know each child intimately. Our teachers offer insights into our children that we may have missed or failed to fully appreciate. At graduation time, each of the older children in our elementary school takes the time to write brief tributes to each of the younger children—words of encouragement and friendship.

Finally, Des Peres Montessori—since its inception in 1982—has been synonymous with Mrs. Anjana Choudhuri. She is our founder, our head of school, our elementary teacher and our inspiration. In addition to raising two children of her own, Mrs. Choudhuri has quite literally devoted her entire professional life to the betterment of our children. For her, the children and the education always come first. She is a frugal steward of our precious resources. And she’s even been known from time-to-time to dip into her own pocket when funds are short to make sure the children never miss a single experience. This is not a job for her. It’s a spiritual calling. When you add the fact that tuition is lower than many private school alternatives, we couldn’t be more pleased with the value for money. I recommend Des Peres Montessori without reservation and only wish more parents and children could experience this.


My kid and I love this school. They have a ton of activities, gym, art, music, computers, they bring in specialist for each of these things. The graduation program was fantastic great singing and poetry. The kids all seem happy, and work hard. Each student is pushed to the limits of their own ablity. Lots of work, play and love. The place feels like home, welcoming and warm hearted.

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