What Makes Des Peres Montessori Different?

All Montessori environments look alike. They are pretty rooms filled with beautiful materials. Parents must look beyond. The difference at Des Peres Montessori is the program. The Des Peres Montessori program is a WHOLE program for the WHOLE child.

It is a classical Montessori program, explored and expanded to provide varied possibilities of environments and enrichments. A team of dedicated teachers and visiting specialists, well thought out field trips and field studies, seasonal traditions at school and in the community, weave this rich, enduring and whole lifestyle for Des Peres Montessori students and parents.

Trained at Primary and Elementary Levels, the Head of School has been teaching at the elementary level for more than thirty years.

What you can expect to see at Des Peres Montessori

General Atmosphere: Calm, Happy and Joyful

Prepared Environment: Whole, authentic and resourceful. Integrated, seamless indoor and outdoor natural working environments.

“Man…still belongs to nature, and, especially when he is a child, his needs draw from it the forces necessary to the development of the body and of the spirit.” - Maria Montessori

Traditional Montessori Curriculum: Traditional areas explored and enriched with weekly dedicated specialists, visiting specialists, field trips, annual field study, seasonal performances and community outreach.

Dedicated Specialists: Dedicated specialists, twice a week.

  • Spanish, Music, Floor Exercises and Movements (Primary Level)
  • Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Music, Computer (Elementary level)

Visiting Specialists: Audubon Society, St.Louis Recorder Society, Native American, Folk Artists and others.

Testing: Elementary Level, ERB, Standardized tests twice a year.

Annual Science Fair: (Elementary Level)

Field Trips:

  • Primary level – two to three per year
  • Elementary level – several

Annual Field Study: Elementary Level: Two to four night overnights.

Preparation of Students: Predictable. Whole, rich well rounded. Strong acceptance records at all private Junior High Schools.

Community Outreach: Helps our children connect with those in need throughout the community.

Des Peres Montessori Traditions:

  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Holiday Program
  • Graduation Celebration
  • Grandparents Day Fashion Show and Luncheon
  • Field Day
  • Year End Carnival

The Parent Community: An integral part of life at Des Peres Montessori weaving students, parents, artisans and the community into one seamless cycle of learning, and living with inspiration.

This is the difference that is Des Peres Montessori, St Louis.