Parent Involvement

Dear parents,

Relocation decisions are suspended presently.

School will not be in session during the 2014-2015 school year.

Thank you.

Plainly, the environment must be a living one, directed by a higher intelligence, arranged by an adult who is prepared for his mission. - Maria Montessori

The involvement of parents and grandparents in a child’s education and school is integral to the Montessori process. We provide activities and opportunities for you to interact with your children around school throughout the year. The kick-off dinner is an opportunity for parents and teachers to get acquainted and to discuss our schools vision for the upcoming year. Parents are encouraged to attend as many of our events as possible.

Additional events for parents include

  • Parents’ Classroom Observation Week
  • Family Camp Out
  • Pot O’ Gold
  • Annual Dinner and Silent Auction
  • Grandparents Day Luncheon

Resources and Classes include

  • Writing in Montessori
  • Exploring Solids in Geometry
  • Language – Total Reading
  • Nutrition

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Des Peres Montessori offers two conferences through the year in addition to classroom obsevation. National standardized tests are offered to elementary students for additional assessment.

Other Ways for Parents to Participate

  • Parent chaperones accompany students on off-campus field trips.
  • Chairing events, helping with fundraising activities and attending the annual dinner and silent auction are all ways parents can participate in furthering the school and meet other opportunities, growing our DPM community.
  • Participate in our Recycling Program and clipping General Mills Box Tops for Education.

Classroom Observation

Parents are encouraged to observe the classroom activities during observation week. Of course, parents are welcome to visit any time.

For information about choosing a Montessori elementary school education for your child, please contact us here to arrange an appointment at your convenience.