Our Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Dear parents,

Relocation decisions are suspended presently.

School will not be in session during the 2014-2015 school year.

Thank you.

Des Peres Montessori: Vison and Mission

The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul. - Maria Montessori

The Des Peres Montessori Vision

  • a way of life, a process of auto-education, that is free
  • Des Peres Montessori, Elementary School Outdoor Environmenta vital community of students, teachers and parents
  • a process that builds patience, understanding and care
  • a whole place

The Des Peres Montessori Mission

  • Inspire young minds for a lifetime of learning
  • Release the creative spirit
  • Launch them into dreams, big dreams
  • Prepare young citizens for peace and harmony

Des Peres Montessori Goals and Objectives

  • Facilitate whole and integrated personalities
  • Ensure thorough foundations in preparatory skills
  • Offer opportunities for independent learning (auto education), that children may construct themselves and think critically and independently and become authors of their life, their growth and learning
  • Provide whole environments, indoor ,outdoor and extended, to serve the physical, social, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs
  • Facilitate uninterrupted cycles of work to release spontaneous activity and individual potential
  • Promote enduring experiences and responsible cooperative citizenry
  • Enable our students to find confidence and self worth

For additional information about choosing a Montessori elementary school education for your child, please contact us here to arrange an appointment at your convenience.