Anjana Choudhuri

Dear parents,

Relocation decisions are suspended presently.

School will not be in session during the 2014-2015 school year.

Thank you.

Anjana-Choudhuri: Head of Des Peres Montessori

Founder and Head of Des Peres Montessori

Meet Anjana Choudhuri and you are inspired by her passion and deep understanding of Montessori and her absolute determination for authenticity and a whole and seamless environment. Montessori education strives to release the secrets of childhood and to educate the human potential. Our work must affirm we are worthy of Montessori.

Combining her passion with determination, Anjana Choudhuri concedes practicing Montessori in its fullness is difficult. Montessori can be made convenient and commercial with orderly rooms arranged with pretty materials. This is not the same as “educate the human potential” nor “release the secret of childhood.”

A child is driven to build and construct himself and we must offer the opportunities and management necessary for full release of his potential. To this end, Anjana Choudhuri remains steadfast and unmoved.

Anjana Choudhuri is unique in having training in both primary and elementary levels and thirty-three years of full-time elementary teaching. She continues to teach today. Her training and experience provides Des Peres Montessori the advantage of a resident mentor and trainer at the primary level. Her teaching experiences and observations of children deepens her understanding and perspective, enabling a fuller development and implementation of opportunities at Des Peres Montessori. She attributes the evolving breadth and richness of Des Peres Montessori directly to being in the classroom.

Born, raised and educated in Calcutta, India, Anjana Choudhuri brings rich cultural dimensions to our school. She came to Montessori from a background in English Language, Literature, and History. Montessori came to her as a gift and to this day remains her prized gift and vocation.

Anjana Choudhuri is best viewed through the lens of her peers, school parents, teachers, and students.

As a mentor you are patient and gracious to me (it seems odd that—at my age—I feel inspired by one so much younger!) As an educator you demonstrate techniques of skillful teaching which show children how to learn and to love learning. By example and by results you prove that your philosophy is sound and its fruition is worth every ounce of your effort…

You are serene, enjoying all aspects of beauty. You show sincere concern for Nature and for Humanity…be they individual or worldwide…

I could praise at great length your qualities as a “whole person,” but I am thinking now of little incidents in daily occurrences which affect those of us so lucky to have contact with you.

At school I have watched you glare at a child who needed your scolding, and I have observed that child looking shocked until you gave him the incentive to mend his ways—a word of encouragement, a pat on the shoulder, a loving smile. I have heard you commend a child for a task well done, leaving determined to keep up his good work and to accomplish even more! And I have heard these same children, on a later day, pay tribute to you and thank you for guidance. I have seen you address audiences, conduct meetings, confer with individuals—always with charm and dignity and from sure knowledge. I have observed your ability to integrate in daily life the best of your varied experiences and cultrual background. Giving so much of yourself to other people and to other people’s children has not prevented you from being an ideal mother to your own two wonderful children—and thats the best part of all—isn’t it?

Ruth Nies – Retired Ladue Middle and High School English teacher

We often reminisce about the idyllic days at Des Peres Montessori, and the many happy memories we have. How lucky we were to find you! We hope that you are also doing well and that the school continues to thrive. Thank you and your staff—past and present for creating such a wonderful educational environment.

The Seilers – Alumni Parents

A stickler for Montessori

Fellow Montessorian

She is the seat and inspiration of education at Des Peres Montessori

Gabriela Catanzaro – Member of the Staff at Des Peres Montessori


Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, Honors Degree: Calcutta University, India:  English Literature / Language
  • Minor: History / Indian, European, International
  • India Masters Program: Jadavpur University: English Literature (incomplete)
  • Miscellaneous: University of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Primary Diploma: Montessori Training A.M.I. Montessori Training Center of St. Louis
  • Elementary Certification: Columbus Ohio Montessori Edu: Teacher Training – COMETT 6 – 12

Community Service  Anjana has received a number of acknowledgements for her work within the local community.

  • Member of Board of Trustees, World Affairs Council, St. Louis, MO
  • President, St. Louis Chapter A.I.A. (Association of Indians in America)
  • Chairperson, A.I.A. National Education Council, New York, NY
  • Member of Executive Committee, A.I.A. (National), New York, NY
  • Panel Member/Expert, NPR Program, “Montessori Education”